Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Quality management in the education sector Assignment

Quality management in the education sector - Assignment Example It is a methodology of complete quality control that relies on developed metrics and organisational techniques to achieve better quality in a variety of organisational dimensions and departmental divisions (Assadej and Igel 2009). Quality management is the achievement of mutual cooperation of all members of the organisation and the connected processes and procedures needed to produce quality outputs and services which exceed expectations of customers or other related stakeholders (Evans and Lindsay 2005; Dale 1999). It is a holistic organisational philosophy that manages to combine organisation teamwork with a quality management system, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative measurement instruments to improve processes (Creswell 2003), leadership, control costs, increase the organisation’s competitive position, motivate employees, and increase organisational responsiveness in a variety of activities. Having defined quality management and total quality management procedures and ideologies, quality management strategies can be applied to the educational sector in order to improve areas such as team-working, organisational behaviour, leadership and maintain a customer orientation to achieve competitive advantage. In the educational sector, academics are a form of learning that includes improvement of individual student knowledge, skills and competencies that are able to be transferred generationally through a variety of tactics that include training, teaching and even research (Hanushek and Woessmann 2008). Outside of merely teaching quality and the provision of life-long learning, in the university sector, the goal of universities are to improve revenues, enhance the competitive positioning amongst other higher education centres in a market, and ensure top quality professionalism throughout all aspects of the teaching process. In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives, it is necessary to implement a

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